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Sabarca de Formentera

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Custom wordpress theme coding and development


We love Wordpress

WordPress is the most powerful, flexible free open source CMS (Content Management System). With such a platform you can develop a wide range of dynamic websites. From a personal blog to a more complex digital magazine or an extensive corporate website. WordPress can count on a huge amount of plugins to extend its features and functionalities.

From PSD to Wordpress Template

Just send us your pages graphic templates. We will take care of the rest.
Coding the Html&Css and Php code
of your new WordPress based website.

Design services

Coding is our speciality but we are even good at:


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Newsletter Design

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Banner Design

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Landing Pages

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Design for mobile plattforms

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Send us your brief with your needs.
We will send you back our estimate about costs & timing. If we agree you’ll send us your graphic design and we take care of the rest,
from pages coding to website go-live.
We delivery the job on time and respecting all your graphic and interactive specifications.

We work remotely

We use to work remotely
and we do it very well thanks to:

  • dropbox
  • skype
  • google drive
  • google calendar
  • basecamp
  • freshbooks

Lo Staff

Dimitri Grassi
Chef Commander

My name is Dimitri Grassi I'm Italian and despite a degree in Economics, a Master Degree in Brand Communication and a journalist "license", I have always had a passion for webdesign, modern internet technologies and, of course, good cooking. I have gained a long-term experience in developing Wordpress based websites managing different kind of projects for companies, free-lancers and creative agencies in Italy and Europe. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the past projects we have worked on.


We are a small agency but we can count on a network of professional partners each one with specific skills from digital marketing to visual communication, from webdesign to hosting services.

Kitchen's crew

I do believe that "one-man-band" is not the best strategy to develop state-of-the-art web projects, therefore, these are the guys I work with every day in order to better accomplish to our clients' requests.

Igor Grassi
Designer Guru
Paolo Barbagallo
Paolo Barbagallo
Webdesigner & Coder
Nico Vece
Nico Vece
Webdesigner & Coder
Oto Tortorella
Oto Tortorella
Senior developer

Who worked with us

A partial list of agencies, companies and organizations that have worked with us.


Graffiti2000 | Trento | Italy

BeRepublic | Agency Barcelona | Spain

BBDO | Agency Barcelona | Spain

Love Eman | Milano | Italia

Dude Agency | Milano | Italia

Adsolut agency | Napoli | Italia

Companies & Institutions

Gruppo Idv Regione Lombardia

Ariano Folkfestival

Fabio Novembre

Lei TV

Save The Children

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Ready to cook your website?

  • From PSD to Wordpress Template
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Plugin Installation
  • Wordpress template customization
  • Social Networks integration
  • Wordpress base e-commerce solutions
  • Custom applications development
  • Localization for multilanguages websites
  • Web Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Banner Design
  • Landing Pages Design
  • Design for mobile plattforms
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